Creativity, Opportunity, Fun”. The three magic words define working culture at GTPL which feels like an all day party. A promising career that encourages you to take bold leaps and progressions in your career.


Leadership Development

Just as an organization needs the right talent to drive its business goals and objectives, people need the right and friendly environment to grow and achieve their career goals. The Management respects fairness and promotes credibility. Competence and integrity are valued above all else and the Company encourages continuous innovation in all domains.

At GTPL Hathway Ltd., we value the performance and growth of employees at each level. Equal opportunities are provided to all for long satisfying careers.

Competent leadership is a very important aspect at GTPL Hathway Ltd. We have an ongoing entry-level Program for Engineers and Management graduates and conduct regular structured Leadership Development Programs for individuals across all levels.

Challenges, tools, skills... our leadership programs are absolutely in sync with the best practices across the globe. The programs test your mettle and train you to look for out-of- the-box solutions to everyday problems. The programs help your overall development and cultivate a unique perspective so that you see things as they aren't. Extensive interaction and mentorship from the leadership team leads to a bonding across levels. Classroom and action-based learning exposes you to varied facets of the industry. In so many ways, we instill a sense of pride and ownership among our leaders.


GTPL Hathway is a place where merit is king and talent rules. Our unique Rewards Program attracts, engages and retains the finest talent in the industry. We celebrate excellence by offering a host of benefits in the GTPL Hathway Rewards Programme:

A transparent, merit-based rewards system directly linked to performance and contribution

  • A competitive compensation package at par with industry standards
  • A comprehensive benefit plan with best-in- class insurance coverage
  • A flexible and customizable pay structure
  • A promising career path with a well-defined line of progression


Parties and Fun

Life is one big bash at GTPL Hathway. Every task ends with a party and often, the party itself is the project. Promotions, awards, events, completion of a project or simply announcing one - so many excuses to let our hair down every day. It's all about fun, camaraderie and casual interactions. Making buddies at work and the bonhomie associated with it make GTPL one of the best places to work while having fun.


The annual cricket tournament is an event which all employees look forward to. The tournament has participation from every vertical of the Company with a mini IPL feel to it. There is a bit of glamour and entertainment with active support from family members. It all happens right here at GTPL Hathway! Howzat?

Team Travel

We're going places together! Exciting international off-sites, sightseeing, exploring new places together. We take team bonding and sharing to different a level altogether.


Occupational Care

While our stars are hard at work, we ensure they also realize the value of time spent in health practices. Occupational Care is a comprehensive and integrated approach to health that focuses on a broad range of health issues.

Occupational Health & Safety (Programs on preventive care), Healthy Choices (Programs on Stress Management) and Organizational Health (Programs which promote healthy habits at work) comprise the broad range of awareness tools we employ under Occupational Care.

Emotional Care

We make improving emotional health a rewarding experience, benefiting all aspects of our employees' lives, including lifting moods, building resilience, and adding overall enjoyment.

We at GTPL present options to relax, rejuvenate and refresh themselves on a platter. These options vary from various leave categories (Sick, Bereavement) to an in-house counsellor, Employee Assistance Programs, etc.

Physical Care

GTPL provides employees with a multitude of activities that they can choose from at work as well as outside the office premises to improve overall physical well being. Our comprehensive, best-in-class Mediclaim Policy just completes the fence against health woes we hope to build around our employees.

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People Speak

Vijita Mohanan

Worked at GTPL (More than a year). The office has good infrastructure and learning environment which provides us with growth and an employee-friendly management.

Priyanka Sharma

Worked at GTPL for more than 4 years now gives me a nostalgic feeling and sense of belongingness. GTPL has given me opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Pravakar Mohapatra

GTPL treats each and every employee as integral part of the organization. GTPL gives each employee opportunity to grow and also opportunity to handle new projects where one can show their creativity and make best of the given opportunity.

Abhishek Masan

The company is a great place to work and its young vibrant. GTPL has Training programs which helps each one of us to learn and brush our skills with new technologies.

Rajesh Sharma

At GTPL we consistently endeavor to first have complete customer satisfaction to get our brand attracted to potential users like a magnet to grow and get succeeded in a phenomenal way. Where as to achieve it having “Simplicity is the seed of our driving path”.

Vimal Singh

GTPL is amazing organization to work and growth as an individual. GTPL has an environment which gives freedom to every individual to give his/her the best at the workplace.

Farid Koradia

GTPL has policy for reward and recognition policy which is very transparent. The work culture in GTPL is open due to which each and every employee is open to help each other.

Ajay Makwan

GTPL is the one of the best companies to work for at the beginning of one’s career. A fresher can learn about various facets of the industry from the basics to the specialized. At GTPL, I have seen the functioning of a professional company with great.

Yaumin Thakore

Great team to work with! GTPL is led by a strong Management which empowers its employees to take risks as well as decisions. People are given enough time and resources to keep themselves abreast of new developments in the technical sphere. A good work-life balance is expected and can be maintained with the active intervention of the Management.

Anup Panicker

GTPL has a friendly work culture and there is a constant buzz in the workplace. The company focuses on helping each individual bring out the best in him/her while ensuring that everybody works as a cohesive team.

Naval Pandya

The corporate culture at GTPL is amazing and I have grown personally and professionally while working here. Every day gives me an opportunity to learn something new.